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Пятница, 21 Сен 2018


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On this page you find some testimonials on MLM-ware:

booth nigel


Nigel Booth

Independent Neways Distributor,
Diamond Ambassador, United Kingdom

MLM-ware has become as indispensible to me as a telephone. It helps me to stay in touch with my downline and promote to customers and prospects. I use it everyday to communicate via mail and email which helps me to send information to people at appropriate times.
Unlike me it doesn't forget when someone is due a contact. It also helps me to work with people I know who want too build successful distributorships.

If you are serious about wanting to build a downline MLM-ware is a tool you simply must have.

brooks larry


Larry Brooks

Independent Neways Distributor
Diamond Ambassador, United Kingdom

Information and communication are key factors torunning any successful business and MLM-ware gives me both in a fast, user friendly way.

I keep my MLM-ware programme running on my desktop and update the numbers twice a day. Whenever I speak with a distributor or preferred customer, I know their activity levels and that gives me a greater understanding of the way to handle their call so that the individual is best suited. I know every new members information and also those who are about to become ‘inactive’ and lose their status and the quick telephone call or reminder to their Upline can produce solid results.

This combination of information and communication makes MLM-ware a key tool in our business growth and the fact that every new distributor gets their initial copy free is the chance to get them populating their contact file right from day one and get the very best start to their Neways career.

wright patrick


Patrick Wright

Independent Neways Distributor,
Diamond Ambassador, Ireland

MLM-ware is the most advanced and user friendly MLM tracking system on the market today. It not only monitors your business and your downline, but it also allows you to market your business in a cost effective and easy to use way. You don’t have to be an IT specialist to get the most from this program and distributors of all ages find it so easy to use.

As a professional Networker, I have been using MLM-ware every day for almost 7 years and would recommend it to anyone who is serious about building a Part-Time or a Full-Time home based business.

If you need to know at a glance, how your business is doing on a day-by-day basis then you NEED to use MLM-ware. It’s a must have product.

bradley isobel


Isobel Bradley

Independent Neways Distributor,
Senior Executive, United Kingdom

I would not be without MLM-ware as it allows me to keep records and track my business all in the one place. I download the new information twice daily so am completely familiar with my team’s activity.

Relationships are key in this wonderful business and the notes section is one of the first places I visit before making a call so that I can remind myself of points from previous conversations.

For anyone serious about their Neways business this is a must have.

charity shaun


Shaun Charity

Country Manager UK, Ireland, Malta
Neways International Europe, UK

MLM-ware is undoubtedly a must-have tool for any Distributor wanting to build a secure and profitable business.


Once you have the software, these trainings are invaluable - who better to show you how to use the tool than the person who created it? Stefan Richter is precise and thorough, well paced and very clear in his explanation of how to use the software to maximum advantage. Make sure you're on them, get your team on them and get their terams on them!


The only communication and analytical tool you'll ever need!

kulitz ralf


biotonus GmbH, Ralf Kulitz

Independent Neways Distributor
Diamond Ambassador, Germany

Communication is the key in this industry. With MLM-ware I can communicate in a really focused way.

In the beginning, an overview of volumes and new sign-ups is the most important factor. As soon as it becomes important to build your downline strategically you will need to be able to sort your contacts by regions, activity and signs of future leadership so that you can pay special attention to these important target groups. MLM-ware will help you by showing all you need to know about each distributor at every level from Executive to Diamond Ambassador.

It is a must for everyone in network marketing who wants to support his group and help it to grow.*

mueller arno


Arno Müller

Independent Neways Distributor
Senior-Executive, Germany

We have been using MLM-ware for about 3 years now. At first we only used it to import our downline report from the server so that we could view the information at a glance. This gave us a clear and structured overview of our downline. But soon we began to see how important this system really is.


Besides giving us some simple (and also some complex) analytical tools, it contains solutions for personalised mail merge emails and letters, a calendar and a contact management facility – each of which alone would justify your acquisition of MLM-ware. Plus you will find all this in a simple well-integrated user interface.


Conclusion: This software is a must for every serious Neways distributor. The sooner you start using it the better so that by the time you reach the Executive level you will have an indispensable tool to give your downline the support they need.*

schluchter didier


Didier Schluchter

Country Manager Germany, Austria, Switzerland
Neways International Europe

There is not one day since I have MLM-ware that I do not use it. MLM-ware is helping me as a tool to pin point exactly what I am looking for, such as: who can I help achieve a new title, who should place an order this month to receive commissions, who is close qualifying for Infinity or Affinity bonuses or even as easy as finding someone’s email, telephone number or address.


If you are working for Neways seriously, this is a tools that you should definitely use.

* Translation by the MLM-ware Team. The original text can be found at our German testimonial page.