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Friday, 21 Sep 2018

About us

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Since the company has been founded in 1993 sucessfully developed software for various industries where we reached up to 70% market share. We developed solutions for the wood-working industry, in the public health sector and the mail-order industry.

In addition to innovative functionality we also always focused on high performance of our products. A good example for this is our solution for the mail order industry that was back in 1996 not only capable of varifying addresses in Germany but also capable to handle more than 11.000 parcels per day. At the same time the close cooperation with the parcel service led to massive cost reduction for the mail order company.

Since 2000 we mainly develop MLM-ware. Started as simple little tool to analyse a downline, MLM-ware became a powerful and versatile tool for analsis and communication that is used by thousands of distributors around the globe.

In addition we support MLM companies in all aspects of organisation, communication and trainings of and with their distributors.