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Friday, 21 Sep 2018

Feature overview

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MLM-ware supports your work with your contacts and especially with partners in your Downline. MLM-ware will show you potentials in your Downline that you hardly would be able to find without the analystical features this software provides.

This helps you to faster become more successful in this industry.

contacts details_enAll contacts in one single place

MLM-ware stores all contact information in one single database on your system - no matter if it is a Downline partner, a Customer, a Prospect or any other type of contact.

This way you can easily find all of your contacts living in a certain region to invite them to a local event.

Maintain contact information, add personal notes and find a history of your activities. For Downline partners you will also find  any important information about their Distributorship and their  Downline.


structureview enConcise Structure view

MLM-ware shows your Downline in a concise structure view. Beside names you also find Distributor IDs, current rank and an indicator for the activity of the partner. 


structureview points_enDirect access to details 

For any Distributor highlighted in the structure view you will instandly find detailed information - including ranks and points for both the current and previous month. 


structureview downline_enInformation about a Downline

You will also find some information that summarises key facts of the downline for the Distributor selected in the structure view.

Some values are displayed as a link - with these you are only one mouse click away from list of names behind the number.

You also have direct access to new partners, partners who have just become active and also those who have become inactive in the current month. 


downline chartExtensive analyses, compelling charts

The downline analysis helps to discover and visualize important contexts regarding your downline business.

The charts show developments within the business by comparing different values against each other.

A good example is the chart on the right showing a growing downline but delining number of active Distributors.


word enIntegrated Word-processing 

The fully integrated MLM-ware WORD contains sophisticated  mail-merge functionality that allows to to communicate fast but still individual with even large numbers of contacts.

Beside address fields you can also add ranks and volumes to your emails and letters. This makes your MLM-ware the communication center for your MLM business. 


pov menu_enChange your Point-Of-View

The Point-Of-View enables you to change your MLM-ware to any partner (and the related downline) in your business. Any  information above and beside the selected contact will be suppressed.

With all analyses switched to the selected downline you can full concentrate on analysing and supporting the partner much more efficiently.

In addition you can also switch the Point-Of-View to previous months. 


blacklist enIntegrated "Blacklist"

The integrated Blacklist ensures that only those contacts will receive information from you who want it.

All contacts on the Blacklist will be excluded from any future communication - not matter if you send the info via e-mail or as a printed letter.

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