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Friday, 21 Sep 2018

Our plans for 2012

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For the year 2012 we have set some ambitious goals. A few months ago we have started developing the next generation of MLM-ware.

MLM-ware 3.x

MLM-ware version 3 is scheduled for the 3rd quarter 2012 and will contain many changes and improvements. Beside a new user interface MLM-ware 3 will also feature interface to social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

Direct calls via Skype will be possible and many other new feature will make it much easier to work with a downline.

MLM-ware mobile

In addition to the Windows Software MLM-ware 3 we are also working on a solution for mobile devices like Blackberry, iPhone and Android smartphones. This solution is at the same time planned as a version available on the web.

More details regarding MLM-ware 3 and MLM-ware mobile will be publish during the coming weeks.

Seminars and training materials

In the 1st quarter 2012 we will release new training materials that will be available in addition to our Webinars.

For the time right after the release of MLM-ware 3 we are also planing some live sessions with small groups of ambitious networkers. For these trainings we are working on special training material, too.