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Friday, 21 Sep 2018

Technology partners

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We run our business only with cutting-edge technologies of worldwide leading companies.

IBM server technologies

We rely on IBM server technologies.


Lenovo Desktops and Notebooks

We use Desktop PCs from Lenovo. Our Notebbooks are Lenovo ThinkPads.  


Blackberry Mobile Devices

For mobile communication we use RIM Blackberry devices. To ensure e-mail push services we run our own Blackberry Enterprise Server.


Microsoft operating systems

Our Server and PCs run Microsoft Windows operating systems. 


Embarcadero Development Enviroments

Since the early 1990s we develop software using the integrated development enviroments from Embarcadero (former Borland).


Kayako Fusion

To ensure that any customer service cases will be handled quickly, reliable and trackable we use Kayako Fusion for  LiveChat, support tickets and Knowledge base.

We run Kayako Fusion at our own servers. 


Deutsche Telekom

For highspeed internet and stable mobile connection we rely on the services and lines of the Deutsche Telekom.


watergreen power

We run our offices with 100% environment friendly power.