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Tuesday, 23 Oct 2018

Welcome to MLM-ware

MLM-ware is a software that supports distributors with their Multi Level Marketing businesses. It provides several features such as import and analysis of downline reports, contacts management, and retail and order.


If you are serious about wanting to build a downline MLM-ware is a tool you simply must have.

- Nigel Booth, United Kingdom
Independant Neways Distributor

MLM-ware can support you and your business in various ways:

Downline partner and prospects - all contacts in one database

For your daily business it is vital that you find all relevant contact information in one central place. Only this way you can use your data really effectively.

Kontaktinformationen für Partner und Interessenten

Comprehensive structure view

In the Structure view you will easily find partners, lines/legs and get a first glimpse on the activity.

Strukturansicht für mehr Überblick

Informationen about Downlines

You will easily find Downline size, numbers of active and qualified Distributors and turnover - for your Downline but also each of your partners.

Downlineinformation im direkten Zugriff

Comprehensive analyses - clear charts

MLM-ware does not only analyse the data of the imported Downline, but also helps you to better understand the context and find hidden potentials by showing the information either in a table or a chart.

Grafiken helfen Zusammenhänge zu erkennen

Focussed communication

The integrated word processing enables you to communicate focussed with your target groups. Write to as many contacts as you want - personalized, with individual addresses, ranks and point values.

MLM-ware WORD - Kommunikation mit Zielgruppen